Sunday, August 2, 2009


holy motha! I can't believe last time I updated this it was in May! Let me just fill you in on all the excitement that has gone on since then! First of all I went on a vaca to HAWAII!!! I went there with my friend Meli cuz she works for a dentist and they had a dental needless to say I just went along for the ride!...and might you ask if I ever attended the convention. NOT AT ALL! we had SO much FUN!!! We went to Pearl Harbor, which was so humbling, the dole factory (I never thought I would pay so much for a pineapple icecream cone, but it was totally worth the price!) snorkeling, shopping (thats a given!), hiking, and lots of laying out of course!!! Hawaii was beautiful, and I had so much fun with Meli! She is such a doll face!
Hawaii was so great, but I didn't realize just how bad I would miss Jared! Him and I didn't coordinate our trips and the day I got back from Hawaii he flew into Hawaii! URG! talk about crappy planning! Him and I didn't see each other for over two weeks which felt like a life time! But at least we had Hawaii trying to pre occupy our time! I seriously love Jared so much!

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